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My name is Ineke and on this website I share adventures and experiences about my life in the Swiss mountains. In the summer of 2020 I moved from the Netherlands to Sargans. This decision was driven by my belief in the value of being closely connected to nature and the mountains. Living here is truly an adventure and a dream that came true much faster than expected. I share my stories in the hope of offering inspiration to others. Additionally, I also offer you a platform to contact me if you could use some help to plan your mountain adventure or if you want to collaborate on an activity. 


I love mountain sports and everything that has to do with local food and wine traditions. These are the themes that guide my exploration and I write about. 

The urge to improve sustainability in mountain sports, is very visisble and on top of mind in the Alps. Impressive plans are being developed for the bigger, and touristic places. For smaller villages, there are initiatives like "Bergsteiger Dörfer" to support sustainable developments and aim for harmony between man and nature. I explore how I and my fellow mountain-lovers can improve the way we enjoy mountains in a sustainable way.

After exercising, there is no better reward than good food. To me, it gets even better when the food is local and I was able to pick it up on the way during a walking or cycling trip. Every region in Switzerland has its own specialities and they all have a lot to offer in terms of local and sustainable food and wines. During my hikes and biking tours in Switzerland, I discover the special food and wines of each region as I go along.



If you want to follow my experiences, if you have any questions or if you want to share something with me, please submit, write or call!

Salamanderweg 5
7320 Sargans

+31 640916995

+41 798170894

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