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About me: Over


I'm Ineke, an adventurous and sporty woman, raised in the Netherlands. In 2020, I fulfilled my dream of moving to the Swiss mountains, attracted by the sense of well-being and strength I always felt in mountainous landscapes.

Motivated to explore a different lifestyle, my partner's job opportunity in Switzerland became our ticket to a new life. I quit my job as a real estate and workplace consultant in the Netherlands and embraced the challenge. Our new home in Switzerland felt great from the start, and I've been actively discovering the area ever since.

During my first year, I worked at a nearby wine house, and engaged in some volunteer activities. Presently, I've returned to the field of workplace and real estate development at Roche in Rotkreuz, while maintaining my work-life balance by dedicating my free time to the mountains.

I share my mountain experiences here, aiming to enable others to discover the inspiring, peaceful, and challenging power of the mountains. Feel free to join in the adventure!​

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