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My friend Marc and I are passionate about sharing the transformative power of the mountains with others, particularly those actively pursuing personal development. That's why we've launched "GivenInNature," starting with a 5-day coaching trip in the mountains for individuals seeking growth and inspiration.

In our fast moving world and busy lives, it can be difficult to allow yourself the time to reflect on where and who you are, and to truly work on your personal goals and challenges. GivenInNature gives you the opportunity to work on your personal leadership while enjoying an authentic mountain trail experience.

If you are seeking a moment of reflection, a deeper understanding of yourself or guidance in a decision you have to make, and you enjoy mountains and hiking, then this trail is made for you. Over five days, you will trek with a group of open-minded and adventurous people through the Rätikon mountains to enjoy nature and fully harness the power of the mountains. The fresh air, challenges, silence, and breathtaking views will quickly detach you from your daily life, allowing your thoughts to wander freely to new insights and perspectives.

On this trip, we combine physical activity with coaching and personal development. There will be time to reflect on why you do what you do, where you stand in life and where you want to go. Guided by experienced mountaineers and coaches, you will enjoy the full experience of an alpine mountain trail while gaining new insights that will support you in reaching your personal or professional goals.

All detailed information is shared on our website: 

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