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Jute hiking sack to support the Trifthütte

The Trifthütte was hit by an avalanche in January 2021 and heavily damaged. With the purchase of a Triftsack you support the reconstruction of the hut.

I designed and produced a special jute Trift Sack (Triftbeutel) to support the Trifthütte in canton Bern. An avalanche extremely damaged the solid structure of the building from 1947 and the extension built in 2007. The building from 1906 was completely destroyed. Due to intensive work by professionals and volunteers, the hut was able to open in June under special conditions for the summer season. But there is still a lot of work to be done in the coming years to get the hut back in good conditions. 

To collect money for the renovation of the hut, I sell this multifunctional Trift Sack. During a hike it’s always practical to have a few separate bags so that you can keep your things apart. You can use it for example for your packed lunch, the stones you collect along the way or for your smelly socks. The design on the bag graphically shows the hiking route from the valley to the hut. This route goes via the Trift bridge and the Trift lake. 

Local Partners

I'm very happy to say that I'm not alone in this project and that three local parties in Haslital will help me and offer the bag as well. If you want to help and you want to buy one of the unique 100 ‘Triftbeutels’ , you can contact me or visit one or the local partners in the project. The local partners are the Trifthütte itself, the specialty shop Püüre Laden in Gadmen and Tourist Center Grimseltor in Innertkirchen (scroll down for the websites). One bag costs 12 CHF or 11 Euro. 

Share your adventures

I hope that the bags will be taken on beautiful trips and that they will experience great adventures. Please share your stories and pictures via email ( or via Instagram #triftbeutel 


The project came to an end

The project came to an end and I am happy to share that we sold 70 Triftbeutels and collected CHF 560,- in the summer of 2021. The original plan was to support the Trifthütte team in the reconstruction of their mountain hut. Unfortunately SAC decided during our project that the Trifthütte will not reopen in the next few years and therefore the current team will not be working on the reconstruction. Together with the local partners, we decided to donate the collected money to another charity project in the region. 

The Charity - Guttannen Bewegt

We selected “Guttannen Bewegt” with the project “Das Wetter und Wir”. Like the Trifthütte, the mountain village Guttannen also needs to take action to shape its future due to the changing climate and wetter situations. Inhabitants from the small village started this project themselves to do so. "Das Wetter und Wir" is a theme route in which villagers tell and show what life is like in the mountain village and what the impact of climate change is on their lives. The inhabitants from Guttannen take the proximity of weather and climate change as an opportunity to start a dialogue about the rapidly changing mountain village: what is life like in a dynamically changing mountain region? And how can we shape the future together? With text and audio fragments they created this interactive installation. Check the website or just visit Guttannen for more information (link below).

Project Gallery

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