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Stall 247 - Picnic in the vineyards

Enjoy a wine picnic in the vineyards of Graubünden. INNATURE developed this picnic package in collaboration with restaurant / vinothek Stall 247 and winery Gatluzi.

The idea is simple: pick up a backpack with everything you need for a wine picnic, make a nice and friendly hike through the vineyards and enjoy your picnic somewhere on the way. It is just a great combination of being outside in nature and enjoying the local specialities from the area. 

The backpack and what's inside

The bag contains a bottle of local and sustainable wine from Gatluzi (red or white), 2 glasses and local pairing snacks like Alpkäse, Salsiz (local dried sausage) and fresh bread. For the ones that don't want to drink alcohol, there is an alcohol-free alternative from Schloss Salenegg. Other personal wishes can of course be taken into account if this is communicated in advance. 

  • Rieslings Reise: Fläscher Riesling Sylvaner by Gatluzi. Dry aperitif wine with varietal notes of citrus, nutmeg and light elderflower. Aromatic on the palate, acidity present, easy to drink. (69 CHF)

  • Blauburgunder Wunder: Fläscher Pinot Noir from Gatluzi. Classic, honest Pinot Noir with hints of red fruit and spice. On the palate, alternating with fresh juiciness, homely berries and stimulatingly accessible. (69 CHF)

  • Saft Kraft (0%): The non-alcoholic options from the region are Chajus and RosaRot from Schloss Salenegg. Two different "Trauben-schorlen" with Verjus and Roujus. A good thirst quencher and the perfect non-alcoholic aperitif. (59 CHF)

After the picnic you can keep the bag and glasses because we are sure you will go for a next time :-) 

How to get one of these Bags?

During opening hours of Stall 247 in Maienfeld you can pick up the backpack there. On the other days (Monday - Thursday), the backpack can be picked up at Gatluzi in Fläsch. For pick up at Gatluzi: please order at least 24 hours in advance by Whatsapp at INNATURE (+31 6 40 91 69 95). Then the backpack will be ready for you on time. 

Hiking route and tips for on the go

You can search for a nice walk and a picnic spot yourself or you can walk the route that we worked out for you in Google Maps. Also tips for parking and  accessibility by public transport can be found here.

Some other tips:

  • Corkscrews (needed for the red wine) can be used at Stall 247 and  Gatluzi. You can also buy one in Stall 247 or bring your own.

  • On hot days, the bottle can be kept cool in the huge wine cooler, also called the Rhine (follow the yellow route).

  • A bottle of water is not standard in the package but if you bring your own water bottle, it will be filled in Stall 247 for free. There are also many pretty fountains in the villages along the way.

  • The picnic backpack can of course be taken on the bike. Various national and regional cycle routes go past Stall 247.

Good for you and for nature

Sustainability is important to us. That's why the backpack is made of recycled materials, we try to use as little packaging material as possible and all ingredients come from local suppliers.

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